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We have the gist of IT and ITES and use to it help businesses usher in improved productivity, measurable cost savings and higher customer satisfaction.


harat Finance and IT Solutions offers top-notch and high-quality IT (ERP CRM Implementation, Application Development and IT Infrastructure Consulting) and ITES (Customer Support Process, IT Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services. The company excels in providing technology solutions based on tools of the client’s choice. Our specialist PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, and SalesForce tech experts are superiorly efficient in outstanding ease of use, high-security levels, in-memory analytics and customer engagement, which add value to our operations.

We focus on technological perfection, agile development and lean code, emphasizing on cost-effectiveness, future upgrades, ease of use, pre-deployment test, cross-platform compatibility and vital support before, during and after implementation. Our diverse teams comprising specialists in C, Java or Microsoft Technologies are capable of taking on small to large-scale engagements and delivering the products and services on time.

Whether the client’s requirement relates to hardware and legacy modernization, total revamp and incremental upgrades or application re-engineering, our IT consultants expertly rope in various innovation and designing models to suit the clients’ objectives and budget.

We go beyond hardware and software and on to the enhancement of customer interaction by helping our clients develop the knowledge of how IT can power them to succeed while at the same time reduce workforce costs, energy consumption, labour and time.

Our well-defined customer support is renowned for its excellence, tailor-made solutions and alignment with the needs, as well as goals, of our clients. Knowledge building is part of our customer support service and we do this with the help of cutting-edge tools and methodology.

Our IT process outsourcing service encompasses application rationalisation, process harmonisation, service delivery and application re-engineering. Be it end-user implementations or contracting for independent developers, our outsourced IT services are of the highest quality, thus helping clients thrive, save costs and improve productivity.

Our knowledge process service (legal services, research, big data analytics, medical, healthcare, financial consultancy, HR and management) is a hallmark of excellence. Our knowledge experts are thoroughly conversant in their field of specialisation and have complete knowledge of a specific country’s laws or practices. This helps us deliver services to almost all countries across the world. Our prompt execution, submissions and delivery ahead of schedule and hundred per cent client support reduce costs while assuring top-quality KPO services.

Bharat Solutions takes immense pride in having the skills and expertise to solve the biggest problems and challenges in the IT industry. We aspire to make IT solutions and services more transparent and to make our services available to as many people as possible.

Abhay Tiwari
GM- Financial Services

We envision growing into a global business powerhouse, while setting industry standards in product and service quality.