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We do not build structures but create sanctuaries where people can live, work and create success. After all, we are an Infra Estate major with a heart.


harat Infra Estate Pvt. Ltd. is a widely renowned business entity in India that engages in a diverse portfolio, including real estate development, integrated township planning and implementation, residential and commercial complexes, and construction and civil projects. When we render a particular service to our client, we ensure that they get a high level of creativity and quality, along with timeliness.

We have played an instrumental role in offering construction-related services in the field of commercial complexes. Our clients have appreciated our services for their reliability and timeliness. Our team of expert professionals ensure that our services get rendered in a professional manner.

We also provide rent and purchase services of residential and commercial complexes to our clients across India. These complexes are available in different sizes and various locations depending on the commercial purpose of our clients. We deal in the development and sale of residential properties, including plotted developments, villas, houses, and apartments of varying sizes and also in planning and implementing integrated townships. Our business also includes commercial and shopping complexes attached to our residential developments.

Our motto is to design, construct and maintain the beauty of the physical and naturally built environment.

We believe in sustained growth, customer satisfaction and innovation.

We have a varied exposure across several lines of businesses, geographies and segments.

Not only that, we provide a wide range of choice of residential complex to our clients as per their budget and requirement. The residential complexes we provide consist of well-furnished flats equipped with all the basic amenities. Our USP is that we work in close coordination with our clients in order to meet their specific requirements in the best possible manner.

Before we embark on our service, we prefer to conduct a meeting between our clients and our staff so that we can discuss the requirement in advance right in the conceptual stage of a service. In this way, we eliminate imminent potential problems, which will help in minimizing costs.

Abhay Tiwari
GM- Financial Services

We envision growing into a global business powerhouse, while setting industry standards in product and service quality.